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Amy Hager

“You are what you drive.” We’ve all heard that expression more than once. But is it true? Well, yes and no. Does anyone actually think of Sen. Derek Kilmer as a, “beat up Toyota Camry?” Most likely not. So we did a little admittedly, highly unscientific research into what some of our local business people and elected officials drive. We asked what they drove and why, as well as if they had an additional “fun” car. read more »


Port Orchard’s new City Development Director not only has a solid history of accomplishing significant planning tasks, he has the vocal support and high respect from those who were affected and work alongside him. James Weaver has been a Kitsap Peninsula resident for the past three years, but has dedicated the past 15 years to working with both public government and private planning organizations. Some of the largest organizations include King County, the state of California and the city of San Diego. read more »


Does being unhealthy mean you are ill with a cold or the flu? Is an unhealthy work place full of ill people with runny noses or 101 degrees fevers? A healthy work place is more than having all your employees with a clean bill of health; it entails various aspects of physical, emotional, intellectual and even spiritual wellness. Communication, effective leadership, appropriate management styles, ergonomics, physical features of the workplace, and efficient use of space are just some of the aspects to be considered when addressing the overall health of a company. read more »


Doña Keating has a life full of personal, business and civic obligations. This Bremerton resident is a well-respected woman who is active in many things but tries to make time for solitude. “It may sound unbelievable, but at the core I am a loner and introvert,” she said. “The ability to enjoy myself alone is critical to remaining engaged at the level I do.”  read more »


It took over a dozen years of legal wrangling, but the long awaited White Horse golf Course near Kingston is set to open this month. Located just minutes from the Kingston ferry dock, with sandy soil to allow year-round play, the White Horse Golf Club will be attractive to many due to the five distinct sets of tees, great for couples or families with different skill levels, and fairways that deliver roll no matter the time of year. read more »


Hopefully by now Kitsap County knows about the Kitsap Sports Council, a branch of the Kitsap Peninsula Visitors and Convention Bureau , and its efforts to promote sports on the peninsula. Because of the large amount of opportunity with sports and the economic development of the community, Ben Pecora was named the director in August and ever since hasn’t had a minute to breathe. read more »


Clear Creek RV Center welcomes new faces
and catching up with old friends
Locally owned and operated for the past 30 years, Clear Creek RV Center , is one of the largest RV dealers and service centers on the Kitsap Peninsula. read more »


Wise For the past 14 years John Wise, the executive director of West Sound Treatment Center, has devoted a large part of his life to helping those recovering from an addiction. After serving his community, Wise will retire at the end of the year. Whether dealing with clients who have drug or alcohol addictions or are domestic violence offenders, Wise has always been there to help. read more »

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