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Adele Ferguson

It’s about time the Navy added its voice to those asking. pleading and demanding that the state stop treating the ferry system like a stepchild of the Transportation Dept.

“I strongly recommend,” Admiral James Symons wrote ferry boss David Moseley, “the state of Washington pursue a course of action that will maintain the service our Navy sailors, civilian employees and families now depend on and enjoy.” read more »


A reporter at President George Bush’s last news conference stirred the usually placid Texan when she asked what could be done about “restoring Amenca’s moral standing in the world.” Implication, of course, that it went down on Bush’s watch.

Bush denied there had been any lapse but the throng of reporters seated in front of him knew different. Most of them contributed to it.

And all because he won a race they tried to throw to another candidate. read more »


Are you ready for this?

Now that we’ve elected the first black president in the United States, be prepared for the first woman president. She’ll be next.

Barack Obama will serve two terms regardless of what happens with the economy or the war because the media will continue its see no evil hear no evil speak no evil about him. Anything that goes wrong will be blamed on the Bush administrations.

He will be followed by President Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. read more »


This was a very tough election for me.

John McCain only became my candidate when he won the Republican nomination. I was not for him before Rush was not for him. I did not support him when he ran against George W. Bush four years ago and he was not my candidate during the runoff for this year’s primary.

My preference was Rudy Giuliani, followed by Mitt Romney. I even liked Fred Thompson better than McCain. read more »


It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats, the White House, the state house or the courthouse, it is dangerous to the rights of all the people to have one party in total control.

And when that occurs in the legislative and executive branches, that affects the judicial branch, too.

If John McCain is elected president, any vacancies on the Supreme and federal courts will be filled by judges who opine on what they believe the writers of the Constitution intended. read more »


“I didn’t know,” said a caller, “that Gov. Gregoire was running against Bush.”

Isn’t every Democrat? I said. I don’t think there has been a more unpopular public figure in this country since Hoover. Even O.J. Simpson can still find golf partners.

Gregoire’s problem is that most voters remember that Republican Dino Rossi was elected governor twice in 2004 and had victory stolen from him in King County where they came up with boxes of uncounted votes for a third count that shifted the race to her. I’d say most people, regardless of party, think Rossi won and got cheated out of it. read more »


So now we know who the finalists will be in the run for the gold on the Nov. 4 ballot. Not that there was much of a question on most of the races.

Everybody has been looking forward to the next showdown between Republican Dino Rossi, who was elected governor twice in 2004 and had victory snatched from him by King County bureaucrats who dug up enough additional uncounted votes to bestow that honor upon Democrat Christine Gregoire. read more »


It’s a good thing the Supreme Court ruled that it’s OK to lie in campaign ads or today’s election participants wouldn’t know what to do.

Did you read where the Democrats said it never occurred to them that people might misconstrue their playing of the theme song from “The Sopranos” with an ad linking Dino Rossi with the Building Industry Association of Washington as intended to suggest he was a mobster and the BIAW was his mob? read more »


Dino Rossi must have thought it was Vigilia di Natale when he saw the news story on the front page of the Seattle Post-intelligencer about Gov. Christine Gregoire’s $650,000 campaign donation from the Indian tribes, suggesting it was quid pro quo for her 2005 rejection of a gambling compact they didn’t like. read more »

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