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Adele Ferguson

One Big Awful Mistake America, I said.

She didn’t laugh. Neither did either of two girls who looked like teenagers although they’d been carded to make sure they were not.

“That isn’t nice,” said one of the girls as they flounced off.

“You have to remember what he came into as president,” said the clerk.

It was just a joke I heard on the radio this morning, I said, and while he didn’t walk into a rose garden as the new president, he hasn’t done much to fix any problems and is about to spend us into bankruptcy.

That didn’t get a rise out of her. read more »


Here comes the judge again. Judges, really.

I had no sooner finished a column saying if you didn’t want people to know you signed Referendum 71 giving voters a shot at a new law giving, special rights to gay couples, you were up the creek, then a bunch of judges got into the act. We’re back to Square One where a Thurston County superior court judge said no to the release by the Secretary of State of the names, signatures and home addresses of signers of Ref. 71. read more »


Granted, he wasn’t as plainspoken as U.S. Rep. Joe “You lie!” Wilson, but Washington’s Legislature had its own “Joe Wilson moment” in 2006 when Rep. Gary Alexander (R-Olympia), wrote in a newsletter that Democrats were displaying a lack of honesty with the taxpayers.

Being in the majority, House Democrats promptly had a hissy fit and, prompted by Chief Clerk Rich Nafziger’s labeling of the language as “mud slinging,” extended the rule that forbids lawmakers from insulting each other in floor speeches. read more »


What happened to being responsible for your own actions and debts?

What happened to people who enlist in the honorable calling of public service and then spend their time feathering their own nests? read more »


ITEM — The push is on for a second stimulus package because the Federal Reserve says the jobless rate may hit 10.1 percent this year and go even higher through 2011. read more »


“How are you Republicans managing to keep from throwing yourselves off high buildings?” I asked my favorite Speaker of the House, Clyde Ballard. “Talk is your party is in such disarray it’ll be a dozen years before you’ll even have a shot at power again.” “I think, with all due respect,” said the East Wenatcheean who wielded the gavel from 1995 to 1999 and was co-Speaker with Democrat Frank Chopp for two more years. “the press generates a lot of this. The fact of the matter is that politics is the same as always. read more »


ITEM — The number of U.S. citizen children born to illegal immigrants has dramatically increased over the past five years, from 2.7 million in 2003 to 4 million in 2008, according to the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center. The study, which analyzed census statistics, found U.S. born children now account for 73 percent of all children of illegal immigrants. Children born on U.S. soil are automatically granted citizenship. read more »


OK, now we’re heard from our state Senate and House on how they’d cope with the latest budget deficit figure, $9.3 billion. It isn’t pretty.

Walgreens, the nation’s largest drug store chain, just announced in Seattle that it will stop filling Medicaid prescriptions at 44 of its 111 pharmacies in this state when the feds cut reimbursement rates on May 1. A similar state cut has been stayed by a judge.

KING-TV, KONG-TV and Northwest Cable News just laid off 15 employees for lack of advertising income to pay them, none of them on air talent. read more »


I’ve been in the newspaper business all my life. The high point of my day is when I sit down in the morning and read four daily newspapers over a cup of coffee. It’ll be three now that the Seattle Post Intelligencer has folded.

Clippings from those and the dozen or so other newspapers and news magazines I take are fodder for the columns I write, just as your local newspaper makes use of news stories gathered around the world by Associated Press and shared with its members. read more »

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